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Policies, Procedures, & Warranty Information 

The Contract: At Redwood, we aim for crystal clear communication. To make sure we are on the same page with our clients, we work hard to have detailed and accurate quotes. After the client signs the quote, it becomes a binding contract. When work begins, any disputes will be handled by referring to the contract. Both the client and the Redwood team are expected to fully abide by the contract. Therefore, please carefully review the quote to ensure that everything you expect is included. Any work (including work made necessary because of machine damage, etc.) not expressly included in this quote will not be carried out unless the client wishes to pay extra for those additional services. 

Change Orders: If the client requests changes to the contract after it has been signed, those changes will be evaluated and quoted independently and extra costs may be incurred due to material costs, labor increases, delivery costs, scheduling complications, and management time. We ask that all clients carefully review this contract to confirm that everything requested is included and accurate. If extra work is requested, there is no guarantee that it will be completed at the same time as the other work. 

Drainage Work: All drainage solutions are suggestions made based on the information gathered at the quote. It is possible that when work begins, the need solution will changed based on what we find. In addition, all drainage work is meant to decrease any water issues present. We are not able to guarantee that all water issues will be completely resolved. If you are looking for a perfect, guaranteed solution, please contact a drainage specialist who will do soil samples and water shed calculations to determine your exact needs. 

Payment: Unless otherwise noted, 50% of the estimate will be due when the materials arrive, or work begins. 50% (plus any change orders) will be due when the project is completed. Please note that the prices below assume that the client will pay with check; credit card processing is available, but will result in a 3% credit card processing fee. 

Plant Warranty: If the plant dies during the first 12 months following installation, we will replace the plant for ½ of the original cost (material cost only, no labor charge). For example, if the plant costs $100 installed and dies 10 months after installation, we will replace the plant for $50. 

Sod Warranty: All sod installations include laying sod, making all cuts necessary for the design, and rolling the sod after installation. Sod installations do not include soil amendment or top soil installation unless requested by the client as an upgraded service. We do not offer any warranty on sod. Our clients take full responsibility for the health of the sod. We are happy to provide advice on how to care for new sod well! 

Material Refunds: If fewer materials are needed than estimated, the client will receive a refund for the returnable materials. No refund will be given for labor on work deemed unnecessary. If additional work is needed, it will be billed at the same rate quoted here. For example, if the client is charged $8 per bag of mulch installed, and 10 bags are not needed, the client will receive a material discount of $30 ($3 x 10 bags). The labor charge will not change. 

Clean Up: Any debris or excess material caused by the project will be removed. Pressure washing concrete or other hard surfaces is not included unless specifically requested by the client for a service fee. Clients should plan on hiring a pressure washing company to clean up hard surfaces when our work is completed. 

Concrete: By accepting this quote, the client takes full responsibility for any cracks in poured concrete surfaces. If skid-steers or other equipment are necessary to complete the project, we cannot guarantee that existing concrete will not crack. We will be as careful as possible, but the client accepts that risk. 

Rapid Cost Increases: In our current economic climate, all pricing is changing rapidly (labor, fuel, and material costs). We cannot guarantee that the prices quoted here will remain constant. If pricing does increase, we will communicate those changes prior to work starting. We'll do our best to keep your quote as close to the original amount as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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