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If you're frustrated by the poor quality of your lawn, you've come to the right place. At Redwood, we have the knowledge to help you choose the right kind of sod and the experience to provide the highest quality sod installation. Whether you need a new area sodded, an old lawn renovated, or just suggestions on how to solve your lawn problems, we're happy to help! Reach out today and we'll set up a free estimate with one of our awesome designers.  

Selecting the Right Sod


​1. 419 Tifway Bermuda

This Bermuda Sod is the least expensive and the most common. If you have an existing lawn installed when the home was built, it is most likely a 419 Bermuda lawn. It's a wonderful option as long as you have lots of sunlight - this turf needs around 7 hours or more of sunlight per day. 

2. Tiftuf Bermuda

Tiftuf Bermuda is an upgraded variety of Bermuda. It is slightly more drought and shade tolerant than 419 Bermuda. It can do well in around 6 hours of sunlight and will stay green longer during the dry Georgia summer months. 

3. Emerald Green Zoysia

Emerald Green Zoysia is one of our favorite grasses. It has a thick, almost carpet-like feel. It has very fine blades and can handle even more shade than Tiftuf Bermuda. If you've got 5 hours of sun per day, it should grow well. It can also handle full sun as well! If you're looking to set your lawn apart, consider Emerald Green Zoysia. Do be aware: Zoysia grasses are susceptible to a common fungus known as "brown patch." If you notice your lawn developing dead areas, contact us about getting a fungicide treatment. 

4. Zeon Zoysia

Zeon Zoysia is another step up from Emerald Green Zoysia. It costs quite a bit more, but it is the most shade tolerant of all warm-season grasses in our region. It can handle around 4 hours of sun per day, so it's perfect for your shaded backyard. 

5. Tall Fescue

If your yard has too much shade for even Zoysia, you'll want to go with Tall Fescue. Best installed in the Fall, Fescue is a cool season grass, meaning it will stay green all winter long! It does not do well, though, in the hot Georgia sun. If you're going to allow it to get more than a few hours of sun, you'll need to keep it well irrigated in the summer months.

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